Slimefun 2020 — Year In Review

Happy New Year!

2020 has been a strange year; with Covid-19, and subsequently lockdowns, we have had more contributions to Slimefun than ever before. In this ‘Year in Review’, we will go through the figures, the events, and some of my very own graphs!

For last years stats check here — We’ve grown a lot!!

Some Figures

  • 3,592 commits to our GitHub (66% of all commits!!)
  • 385 development builds
  • 15 stable builds
  • 18 MetricsModule builds
  • 76 GitHub contributors
  • 1,289 GitHub Issues created
  • 812 GitHub Pull Requests created
  • 38 languages contributed to (Help yourself here!)
  • Over 3,000 members joined our Discord!
  • Discord members peaked at 3,240 members (then Discord borked)
  • 199,349 messages sent in Discord
  • Over 300 suggestions
  • 63,086 lines of code (55,285 not including tests)
  • Over 1,500 servers running Slimefun (Peaking at 1,513)

What happened in 2020?


Earlier this year, we hit 1,000 members in our Discord server — wow! We continued to rapidly grow, surpassing 2,000, and even 3,000 members. Unfortunately, on the 17th of November, Discord had some issues when we had 3,240 members. We waited for 35 days, but alas our server was fixed! Needless to say, we were not amused.


We also opened up translations on Gitlocalize at the start of the year, which allows users to translate almost all messages in the game. We’ve wanted this for a long time. Personally, I was amazed to see the number of contributors straight away. By the end of the year we had 38 languages, and currently, 35.5% of all players have changed their language from the default English. We can thank our community members for allowing us to accommodate these various other languages — we’d appreciate it if you could thank them in Discord!


We kicked off this year with our very first community event — brainstorming a new research system. Although we couldn’t agree exactly on the replacement, we managed to reach a conclusion that it does need to be changed.

In April, we ran an addon jam. The 9-day event gave people the opportunity to create an addon, in the theme of “Tapping in to the End”. It was scored on accuracy, creativity, innovation, code quality, gameplay, and mechanics. The submissions can be found on the GitHub Wiki. Congratulations to nahkd, our first place winner, for his addon Endrex. Well done to Sfiguz7 and Tweep — 2nd and 3rd place.

Finally, we ran a screenshot event to spruce up our “README”. We wanted to add images of what this plugin is capable of, and how it can be utilised. We chose six images from our community members, and they are now displayed for all to see! Thank you to HamtaBot, Piͭxͪeͤl (mnb), Kilaruna, GalaxyKat11, and TamThan for their winning screenshots.

Other highlights

  • We moved the Slimefun repository to its own organisation on GitHub
  • We separated out our bStats metrics into its own package — Found here
  • Moved to the new ID system to massively improve performance (72% of servers have disabled compatibility mode!)
  • Our organisation participated in Hacktoberfest and despite the issues surrounding it this year we always love supporting HF!
  • Alessio (Sfiguz7) joined our Discord moderation team
  • poma123, svr333, Sfiguz7 and LinoxGH joined out “Code Reviewers” team on GitHub — This team is responsible for reviewing Pull Requests we get
  • svr333, Sfiguz7 and LinoxGH also joined our “Wiki Staff” team on GitHub — This team is responsible for maintaining and handling our wiki (repo here)

Looking ahead to 2021

We hope that 2021 will be a better year for everyone — stay safe, and wear a mask! We will be running more events throughout 2021. Stay up to date with everything going on with Slimefun by joining our Discord Server and turning notifications on for #announcements or following the channel.


Members over the past 6 months
Discord member growth (Last 6 months)
Positive suggestion vote percentage (Last 6 months, step of 1 day)
Discord members playing MC (Last 6 months, step of 1 day)
Discord members playing MC (Last 6 months, step of 1 day)
Discord members writing code (Last 6 months, step 1 day)
Discord members writing code (Last 6 months, step 1 day)




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